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Oracle import & export

Actually, I am a newbie for the oracle database. Never though it before I start my current job. Lucky my company has a oracle expert & always help me to solve those problems.  Today, just want to share some of my experience regarding the export & import for oracle. I was taught to use the […]

Oracle procedure testing

As a developer, most of the time you have to testing on your script output. Some how, you also need to debug into the script & checking on each variable value. In Oracle procedure, if you doesn’t having any debugging tools like sql developer. It is very difficult to trace your procedure whether is working […]

Check MySQL database size

How to check MySQL database size in your server?  Actually MySQL already provide the information, what you need to do is just do a simple query to retrieve the data. Below is the query : (more…)

MySQL table corrupt & repair

Recently I am trying to dump a customer MySQL database to a SQL file & restore to another server. An error occur during the dump process. The error mention that one of the table in the database is crashed & repair required. Then I try to login into MySQL server & use the particular database […]

MySQL server has gone away

Today I am trying to restore one of MySQL dump into my development database. While I executing the mysql -uroot -p XXXX < XXXX.sql, the restoration show me the error of “ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 3051: MySQL server has gone away“. Then I double check on the database that I restore, I found that the […]