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Apache PHP unable connect remote MySQL

Recently I am setup a new server for one of my company client. After finish configure the server & I am trying to setup SugarCRM inside the server, I found that the database connection part is not able to connect to a remote database server. Then I try to fill in database information to local […]

php telnet to mail server pop3

Previously I had work on the telnet to some mail server & trying to send out the email (refer here). Recently I am working on some with the mail server again, but is receiving this time. I am using PHP + MySQL to access to a mail account & try to clean up the email […]

Zend php connect to oracle using tnsnames

This few days I am trying to configure my Linux server Zend PHP to connect oracle by using the tnsnames.ora profile. For my finding, there are several ways to do so. (more…)