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customize SugarCRM out-of-box module field(s)

When deploying a SugarCRM project, there is always required to customize out-of-box modules. Here is the tutorial to teach your guys how to customize a field from Accounts module. (more…)

PHP generate calendar file (ics)

I am working with some Event management system recently. The system requirement need to send out the confirmation to those registrants with a calendar ics attachment. For this, I need to make my application to generate the ics file and attach it inside the email notification. Below is the source to generate the ics file. […]

PHP connect to LDAP

I am working with a project that require connect to a AD to perform the user authorization. Before configure my application to login using the AD profile, I always using a simple PHP script to connect the AD setting that provided by my customer. Here is a simple script that let me know that those […]

PHP session problem while using iframe.

Hi guys, recently i am so busy and not able to update my website often. But today, I face a problem on the PHP session while using iframe to include a custom php file. The custom php file just doing some select/update command using session data. I try my script in Google Chrome & Mozilla […]

PHP call oracle store procedure

For PHP, it is not a difficult task to connect to Oracle database. But recently, I am working on a project that require me to execute the oracle store procedure with pass in some input & retrieve the output. It should be pretty easy, just I never try it before. So I write a simple […]