[How To] – Google spreadsheet trigger

Scenario:  Google drive is a very powerful software allow us to synchronize all our documents and sharing in the cloud. This tutorial is teaching on Google Spreadsheet custom trigger. First, what is custom trigger? Trigger is to take additional action while need to perform some additional tasks after certain condition meet. For the example below, […]

[How-to] Convert multi byte character to Unicode.

I was working on some integration that required to pass data (if multi byte like Chinese, Japanese, etc) into unicode format to the other application. Search through the php.net, not standard PHP function was found for this purpose. At last, found a solution from web for unicode conversion. (more…)

[How-to] SVN update using command line

Scenario: Tutorial on how to use command line (TORTOISE SVN) to perform svn update in window environment. (more…)

[How-to] dump out MySQL Functions, Stored Procedures & Triggers

Scenario: When working with MySQL Functions, Stored Procedures and Triggers, it is very important to know how to export those custom items out from MySQL. Default mysqldump command will not export out Functions, Stored Procedures or Triggers. So, additional parameters is required. Below is the mysqldump example: (more…)

[How-to] MySQL function example.

Scenario: Guys, this is a simple tutorial on how to create a MySQL function. For example, I need a MySQL function that will take in 2 integer input parameters and return a tinyint value to user. (more…)