[How-To] Fix Windows 10 Stores/App auto close problem

Scenario: After recent Windows 10 system upgrade, all of the windows 10 application like Store, Calculator, Internet Edge are auto closing after launch it. I am trying few solutions from the web but no luck. At last, I found out a simple solution to solve my problem. (more…)

[How-To] Delete all images from Lightshot (prntscr.com)

I am a fan for Lightshot (prntscr.com), it is such a simple tools for me to share some of the screen shots over the internet with trouble-free. But, it getting a little bit troublesome while you need to delete all the images from the cloud. So, I come out a simple tricks for all prntscr.com […]

[Problem] Centos bootable USB “No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!”

Scenario: Facing a problem while try to make a bootable USB for Centos 6.4. Have using few software to configure the bootable USB drive, but keep facing problem on “No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!” After done some google and found few suggestions from the web: Rename the “isolinux” folder to “syslinux”. Format USB […]

[How To] – Linux command grep & sed for find & replace

Scenario: As a solution provider, I always need to setup a new website/system to our client. It is painful on old application that have multiple setting files need to be modify (Example: database connection setting). Luckily, a simple and powerful Linux command can save my time. Below is the grep and sed command in Linux […]

Retrieve visitor IP

Scenario: Webmaster always wish to retrieve vistors’ information for their own report and review. But in some situation you might getting the incorrect information. Today I would like to share my recent experience on the visitor IP. As we know, it is possible to retrieve visitor IP in the $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] parameter. But in certain scenarios, […]