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Retrieve visitor IP

Scenario: Webmaster always wish to retrieve vistors’ information for their own report and review. But in some situation you might getting the incorrect information. Today I would like to share my recent experience on the visitor IP. As we know, it is possible to retrieve visitor IP in the $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] parameter. But in certain scenarios, […]

[How-to] Convert multi byte character to Unicode.

I was working on some integration that required to pass data (if multi byte like Chinese, Japanese, etc) into unicode format to the other application. Search through the, not standard PHP function was found for this purpose. At last, found a solution from web for unicode conversion. (more…)

wordpress to twitter plugin error

Scenario: I upgrade one of my wordpress plugin “WP to Twitter” to latest version (Version 2.2.0) for the OAuth and found that it doesn’t work with my hosting plan (hostgator). When I click on the “Connect to Twitter” and there is a fatal error “Fatal error: Class ‘OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1’ not found.” After performing some debugging and […]

retrieve visitor country information

I am quite busy for the pass 1-2 months and did not update this blog. Today I would like to share a simple and useful script to all on how to retrieve visitor country information. It is useful when you want to analysis/track your visitor information (similar with those webstats that show the visitors country […]

PHP send email request read receipt

Guys, When users using Emails function in some web base application (like sugarcrm, joomla), they might need to request read receipt from the recipients. Here is a simple tutorial on how to add in the “Request read receipt” in email while send out email thru PHP. I am using the phpmailer class to develop the […]