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Gmail “Too many login failures” in SugarCRM

Recently I was play around with Gmail to download email(s) to SugarCRM. While doing the testing, found that one of the email accounts always fail to connect to Gmail but others without any problem. So, I decided to debug into the issue and found the error message “Too many login failures” return from Gmail. Suspect […]

php telnet to mail server pop3

Previously I had work on the telnet to some mail server & trying to send out the email (refer here). Recently I am working on some with the mail server again, but is receiving this time. I am using PHP + MySQL to access to a mail account & try to clean up the email […]

Exchange MAPI to POP3

I want to share one of the .Net application that will provide convert the Ms Exchange MAPI to POP3 for those Outlook Express/Thunderbird to download email from the Ms Exchange. As I know, Ms Exchange did provide the POP3, but mostly due to security issue, the POP3 & IMAP will not enable.  (more…)