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How to reset MySQL root password

As a database administrator, you might forget the root password for your database. It is a serious problem. This tutorial is to teach you how to reset the root password if you forget it. (more…)

Detect & trigger action while user exit webpage

Some of website developers are need to track on visitor’s activity during browsing their website. Even would like to track when the visitor exit or quit their website. Below is a simple example on how to using a javascript command to track on visitor exit/close page action. (more…)

Telnet mail server send email

Telnet mail server send email Below is some instruction on how to testing your mail server using the telnet command. I found this is useful while you do some debugging on the mail server to send out email to others. (more…)

Disable select in Mozilla Firefox

This post is to teaching a simple way on how to disable the select on the mozilla firefox. As I know, if you want to disable select in the Internet Explorer(IE), you may using the javascript onselect event to return a “FALSE”. This method will be only work for IE but not Firefox. (more…)

Sending email using Oracle procedures.

This is a post to share that how to sending out email by using oracle procedures. Some of the time. As a developer, I would like this receive some notification email from my procedures, so that I could know that the procedures is running & how many records had been update/inserted. (more…)