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Javascript select a div content

How to using a javascript command to select and deselect a div tag content? As I know, we can use a select() funtion to select text field value: document.getElementById(‘username’).select(); But the above example does not work for a div or span tag. For the div or span tag, it is pretty simply, just few lines […]

html mailto command

Today, due to some task’s requirement, I need to play around with the html mailto command. As I know, the mailto command is just prompt up the visitor email client & auto fill in the To field. After some research, I found that actually the mailto command is more power than what I though. Below […]

Dynamic wizard form using dhtml & javascript.

Recently I am working in a project that require some customization on the application. They need a wizard page that will allow user to add in items. To make the wizard page be more user friendly, I try to using dynamic html to create fields if required. When user add in a item, the page […]

Javascript string replace all

In PHP, str_replace will replace all the occurrence key in a string to the value that specified by user. In Javascript, if you using a replace function without specified, it will only replace the first occurrence of the key in the string to the value. For example : <script> var js_str = “Visit RedHat now […]

Apache PHP unable connect remote MySQL

Recently I am setup a new server for one of my company client. After finish configure the server & I am trying to setup SugarCRM inside the server, I found that the database connection part is not able to connect to a remote database server. Then I try to fill in database information to local […]