automate pull linux backup file to window server

Scenario: Guys, there are always a very good question on “where are the backup file store?”. In the IT field, we know that it is not SAFE to store backup file inside the same disk storage. Recently, I has a customer would like to pull their application backup file from a Window server. Here is […]

wordpress to twitter plugin error

Scenario: I upgrade one of my wordpress plugin “WP to Twitter” to latest version (Version 2.2.0) for the OAuth and found that it doesn’t work with my hosting plan (hostgator). When I click on the “Connect to Twitter” and there is a fatal error “Fatal error: Class ‘OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1’ not found.” After performing some debugging and […]

how to exclude directories while using tar command

A quick post to teach on how to exclude directories while using tar command in linux. Most of the developers/system administrator should know how to using tar command to create a archive/backup for an application. But I am facing some difficulty to use the tar command exclude multiple directories until I found this post. (more…)

retrieve visitor country information

I am quite busy for the pass 1-2 months and did not update this blog. Today I would like to share a simple and useful script to all on how to retrieve visitor country information. It is useful when you want to analysis/track your visitor information (similar with those webstats that show the visitors country […]

WordPress Article Template plugin fix

Scenario: A week ago, I upgraded my blog version to the latest version 3.0 and installed few plugins into this blog. Found a very useful plugins call Article Templates that contribute by Binny V A. Enables template support for posts and pages. You can see all existing templates in the Manage Templates page. But found […]